Our wholesale nurseries grow an ever-increasing range of hardy nursery stock and trees to supply the landscape trade, local authorities, golf clubs, voluntary bodies, country estates and schools.

We are happy to arrange delivery to site nationwide, staged deliveries can also be arranged for larger projects.

Beardsworths Nurseries are spread over three sites around the Cleckheaton area of West Yorkshire. We are able to supply a diverse range of nursery stock from our container production nursery at Whitehall Road, field grown trees from Brick Hill Farm, transplants and topiary from Hartshead Nurseries.

Wholesale Enquiries

Our sales manager Rob Kellett has worked at Beardsworths for over 20 years, 15 of which he has spent serving our trade customers.

Rob is happy to help with any planting scheme or schedule by phone, fax, email or face to face.

Tel: 01274 871869
Fax: 01274 852468
Email: sales@beardsworths.co.uk

Monthly Trade Newsletter and Availability List

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Rob Kellett

Whitehall Road Nurseries

Whitehall Road is our container unit where we produce the majority of our container grown trees, shrubs, hedging and perennials.

We have an annual production run of over 300,000 plants at Whitehall Road in sizes ranging from 1 to 200 litre pots. The vast majority of these are propagated by our in house propagation team who are always looking for new cultivars to complement our diverse range of stock.

Whitehall Road Nurseries

Brick Hill Farm

At Brick Hill Farm we grow the majority of our trees, specimen hedging and topiary. We have been supplying trees in to the UK amenity market for over 30 years.

We grow a full range of trees from feathered whips through to rootballed semi-matures.

Hedging is grown in all sizes up to 2.4m

The Farm, Scholes

Hartshead Nurseries

Hartshead Nurseries is used for a very diverse range of production. We produce raspberry canes and blackberries, forestry transplants and propagate ornamental trees by budding. We also have a small container unit here used mostly for growing alpines, grasses and phormiums.

Hartshead Nurseries