Field Grown Trees

Beardsworths have been growing trees for over 25 years on our Nurseries in Yorkshire. Our tree nurseries at Hartshead and Scholes cover over 40 acres where we specialise in trees ranging in size between 1 and 8 metres. We stock all native species and many ornamental varieties, any variety or size we do not have can quickly be sourced from our partner nurseries across Europe.

See our guide to tree sizes.
We mainly supply building projects and local authorities but we are also regularly contacted to supply Tree Preservation Order replacements, if you need any help in this regard please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pruning Trees

Semi Mature and Large Trees

We can supply semi-mature and large trees rootballed, October – April. The tree is machine lifted from the ground with the soil intact around the root system.  On removal from the ground the root-ball is wrapped in biodegradable hessian and non-galvanised wire.

The root-ball should be planted intact with the hessian and wire left on.  Once planted the non-galvanised wire soon breaks down and the hessian will rot, allowing the root system to develop. The whole benefit of rootballing is that the root system remaining after lifting will not be disturbed during handling, transportation and planting.

See our guide to tree sizes.

Rootballing Trees
Semi-mature trees