Shrubs and Climbers

Outside bed and protected production of container-grown shrubs and specimens at Beardsworths amounts to over 400,000 plants, the vast majority being propagated on site by our own Propagation team.

Shrubs, perennials and climbers are supplied in rigid containers with capacities from 1 to 15 litres, our ever-expanding range of stock adds a classic touch to any shrub-based planting scheme.

Across all the nurseries at Beardsworths we employ an Integrated Pest Management strategy, this helps us produce plants without damaging our environment(or Mrs Beardsworth’s bees). This begins with simple things like spacing shrubs and irrigating at specific times of the day to help reduce fungal disease pressures, through to the introduction and husbandry of natural predators of our insect pests.

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Plant Production
Shrub Production